Wednesday, February 20

Recent Template Changes

As you probably have noticed, (or been annoyed by), I've changed the template again. Obviously I am experimenting with different code and layouts and looks.

I like the darker colors with the lighter fonts, but people write into me and tell me that it's hard to read. So I change it a bit. It's a never ending cycle. Basically, you can't make everyone happy. But I can at least try. ;)

So, I'm going to experiment with this blog layout for a bit. See how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Your picture is gone. The one where you looked disgusted and annoyed. (Yeah - like that helps!)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - hope you had a lot of cake and ice cream today!

Colin said...

Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

He has pictures where he doesn't look disgusted and/or annoyed?

Who knew. *shrug*


Joel Esler said...

Man, you guys make me out to be this evil disgusted guy!

Annoyed, okay, but disgusted? How about grumpy..

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