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Apple iCloud: How vs What

Apple iCloud: How vs What | Technology |
A well written piece by, written by Jean-Louis Gassée.
Bit of background for those of you that don't remember: Back in 1985 Steve Jobs was in a fight with John Sculley, Apple's then-CEO. (This was shortly after the Macintosh, Steve Jobs's baby, came to market.) At the end of this power struggle Sculley relieved Jobs of his duties as the head of the Macintosh Division, and Jobs sold all stock in Apple (save for 1 share) and left the company, eventually buying Pixar and starting NeXT computer.
Well, after Steve Jobs left, Sculley appointed Jean-Louis Gassée to head the Macintosh division. Just an interesting tidbit there.
There's a couple of tidbits that I thought were very good in this article, but namely the points that I've been struggling with a bit, so I'll outline those.
Google Docs -- Everything is stored in the cloud, accessible via the browser, and you can work on a single docum…

Mac OS X Lion beta reveals "Restart to Safari" browser-only mode

Mac OS X Lion beta reveals "Restart to Safari" browser-only mode
From Engadget.
As the article says, in OSX Lion there is apparently a way to reboot your machine into "browser only" mode. Could be useful in a couple of situations.
A) If you are going to leave your computer unattended, maybe at home, and you want to allow people to check their email. B) Kiosk mode. Maybe a computer sitting in a public area?
I don't think they are going for a play against ChromeOS here as the article sort of implies. Either way, interesting.
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