Friday, February 22

Okay, so the blog lives to be down another day

Verizon made a liar out of me.  They apparently had problems with the transferring of my phone number from my old provider to Verizon.  So let me gripe for a second, because it took me about 2 hours to get this answer.

1) I hate voice operated prompts: "Please say Support, Billing, Order Status, or help menu"  I say "Order Status", the computer says back to me "What Support question can I help you with?"  AHHHHHH!!!

2) Oh, and if you order FIoS, they tell you to check your order status online.  But when you do, and it says "for further information, please click here.  Then you click there, under "To find out the status of your FIoS order, please see the online order status screen here."  Essentially taking you back a screen.  AHHHHHHH!!!

3) Verizon says they can't install the tv and internet until the phone order comes through (seems broke).

4) Hold Sucks.

5) I want my damn FIoS.
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Scott said...

If you think that is bad, try accessing their website to register to manage your account online when you only have a Internet FiOS Business account and the account is registered to a Verizon Wireless cell phone.

Every possible attempt to register the account redirects you to the Verizon Wireless account registration.

(Absolutely loved the line, never went down in a year of service, nice and fast, 5 static ips, free hardware,etc etc)