Wednesday, February 27

iPhone SDK

Next week on March 6th, Apple, will have an event at the Cupertino Apple Campus to announce, what looks like an SDK.  From the image, I don't think they are going to actually ANNOUNCE an SDK.  They are going to announce their roadmap.  I could be wrong on this one, but that's the way I read the news blast.  "iPhone Software Roadmap".  Roadmaps are usually just an idea of how things are going to go, not really a product announcement.  

The picture has three interesting pictures on it.  One says "SDK", one says "Software Update", and another says "Enterprise".  This leads me to believe that Apple is going to have a Software Update first, then we're going to get the SDK.

But the enterprise logo is interesting.  Does that signal iPhone's exchange capability that I know Apple is working on?  (BTW -- The only reason I know this is because of the job postings on Apple's website wanting developers to integrate the iPhone and Exchange).

But I don't know, we'll see I guess.

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Joe Klein said...

So why is Apple, the company that lead the market in supporting IPv6, leave IPv6 out of the iPhone?

Joel Esler said...

I suppose when real networks start using it, then it can go on the iPhone, since it's basically a software update to turn it on. (the code is there.) But since no one uses it...