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I just had the best travel experience ever

Left my office at 4:30 for a 5:15 flight.  I know what you are thinking, you are crazy...
You're right. Normally would never do this, but was running behind with stuff today.  Drove from my office in Columbia, MD to BWI. 
Parked the car, no problem. 
Walked to security (already checked in on my phone), went through TSA pre line, using the boarding pass on my watch.  No line. 
No one bothered me about my bag, no one told me to have my boarding pass and ID out and ready...
Went through security in about 30 seconds. 
Walked to gate, plane too small to bring on roller board bag, so, pink tag check it at gate.  Done. 
Boarded with watch, zone 1, only one in zone 1.
Went right to my seat, no waiting.
Hour flight, quick Coke on the flight, I wrote three emails, done. 
Got off flight had to wait 5 minutes for bag, darn. 
Walked out to car rental bus, had to wait another five minutes, darn. Bus driver was friendly, no waiting there, went to car rental facility, no traffic, got my space from the Hertz…