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Whew, what a whirlwind

Talk about a busy end of the year, so on top of going my actual consulting gigs for customers, I am also doing the other full time job I have of the Snort Community Manager. If you read my blog, you've known this.

So, what have I worked on so far.

Snort Twitter account. Not really a lot of work here, other than getting Twitter to remove it from the parker's clutches and give it to us.
Snort Blog. Getting this set up, with the DNS entries, blog posts, editing, writing, design, and even the banner image (thanks CC for that!) was about 3 weeks worth of work.  Check it out
Snort Mailing list/Forum Consolidation. I thought it best to let the Community decide, so I made a non-scientific poll to choose between the forums, the mailing lists, or the penultimate solution, to merge the two. Thought of Google Groups for this. Google Groups allows you to post like a forum, and post like a mailing lists, and Google Groups takes care of the arrangement, merging, and t…

Snort has a Twitter account

Another post for my Snort/IDS audience that read my blog.

We managed to get a hold of the "Snort" account on Twitter.  Someone was simply squatting on the name, not using it, so Twitter has a way of petitioning to get a hold of a name for a bunch of different reasons.  So we got with Twitter and they freed up the @Snort Twitter name for us.

Using the @Snort Twitter account we'll post new news, upcoming items, blog posts, news about Snort and interesting other tidbits that may or may not be found anywhere else on

Check it out, follow us:  Thanks!