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Joel’s iPhone review

Okay, I’ve had all weekend to play with the phone, and here we go, I’ll go app by app, experience by experience.

At first I was caught in the wave of people whose activation wasn’t going through. From the time I submitted my activation on iTunes, to the time it went through was about 19 hours. 19 EXCRUCIATING hours. Let me tell you, sitting here wanting to play with my phone, and it not working is a pain the butt. But eventually, it started working, synced up, and everything is hunky dory now. Turns out there was a ‘hold’ on my activation by AT&T. Whatever the hell that means. But after a couple tech-support calls, it works now, and I am a happy camper.

Unlocking/Locking -- works by touching the top button, works great.

Home screen -- Exactly how it looks in all the commercials, exactly like the picture I have above, it functions as it should.

Text messaging (SMS) -- Works just fine, formats the chat like iChat, like you have seen. The Keyboard, which I will probably discuss s…