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Immaculate Collection

(Preface: I wrote this around January of 2007 and simply forgot about it. I wrote it around the time that Marty was writing these posts: here. Also when Richard was writing these posts here.)
I started playing with Sguil again recently, and for the benefit of those that don’t know, Sguil is a Snort based “NSM” system. It uses Snort and some other tools brought together in one interface to provide better analysis and results. The main factor of Sguil is that it runs something like Tcpdump, Snort, or Daemonlogger in order to dump ALL traffic to disk. I bought my good friend Richard Bejtlich’s “The Tao of Network Security Monitoring” book earlier this year.
Richard has the theory of: “collect all packets, because without all packets the total picture isn’t seen”. In principle, I agree. I used to use this methodology heavily in my last job, and it worked quite well at the time.
While he also goes on to say that IDS “alerting” has its place, without “context” (the surrounding traffic…