Tuesday, February 5

Using your tools to focus

Recently I've put up a couple posts talking about refocusing on Getting things Done and making sure you are working as efficiently as you can in life.  I've focused on vim, mutt, and  

But what about the other apps?  Outlook being the primary one?  Basically my point in the posts was to get you thinking about what tools you use and what tools can make you more efficient in your life.  Are you using those tools to their fullest potential?  Are you using your to-do system in Outlook?  With yourself?  Are you using it with other people?  How about the calendar?  The Journal feature?  The Note system?  Are you using those?

How do you use your tools.  Can you use them better.  That's what I want to inspire you to think about.  Now, some of you will go, and you will say "hey, Joel has a thought here, let me try and use the to-do's"  But how many of you will reform the way you work around it?  

I challenge you to do so.

The other part of this post is a question for my readers.  Thunderbird.  By show of hands, how many of you use Thunderbird?  Probably alot of you judging by the statistics on my web page hits. (mostly firefox.)  Now, out of those people, how many of you use any GTD plugins for Thunderbird?  Care to share what they are?

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