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Sourcefire on Twitter

Since Twitter is the latest bandwagon for the tech industry (as well as everyone else, including CNN) to jump on, not saying we have a bunch of bandwagon followers (I’m certainly one), but at Sourcefire, we have several people who have joined Twitter and post often. (And even more who don’t post very much at all.) So I thought I’d compile a quick list.
These people are all humans, not bots, and they have their own opinions, their opinions may or may not represent Sourcefire as a whole, but they are entitled to their opinions just like you all are. I’d recommend if you need to contact someone from Sourcefire, Twitter is not how you do it. Either through Support (if you are a customer) or via email. I have no idea when anybody checks their Twitter account, if, at all.
I thought I’d throw this together because recently our Marketing department did an email blast out to a bunch of people, recommending they follow several of us on Twitter. However, there were only three people listed…