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Wednesday, October 19

MacOSX Flashback Trojan is covered by ClamAV

So called because it looks like an Adobe Flash Installer. There seems to be a ton of news around this Trojan on various Mac-related websites. for instance.

We wrote protection for this in ClamAV about 5 days ago.  I know a lot of Mac users run ClamAV, so I just thought I'd throw this out there.

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Apple - Remembering Steve Jobs

Apple - Remembering Steve Jobs:

One more thing...

Apple today put up a "Remembering Steve" site. Where you can basically go and read emails from the people that wrote in at

Nice tribute. Apparently today the Apple employees are attending a "remembrance" service for Steve. Apparently this won't be broadcast to the world. Too bad, I am sure many would have watched it.

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E-mail improvements in iOS 5 - iPhone J.D.

E-mail improvements in iOS 5 - iPhone J.D.:

Sorry, a link to another interesting iOS 5 article. Sorry if I am not adding a bunch of color commentary to each of these articles. I am blogging them because I think they are of interest to the readers of my blog. (Which, according to the stats, most of you run OSX.)

I am sure some of my friends will accuse me of trying to draw hits to my blog instead of twittering about the article directly. Here's the truth to that: When I post to my blog, Twitter picks up the article and tweets it immediately. If I don't post to my blog and only to twitter, the readers of my blog through direct links and RSS feeds won't get the article.

So it's a loss either way. So I post on the blog, and it goes to both.

Anyway... read the article. ;)

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My Dinner With Android - Four months with Android: reflections, grievances and some tenuous metaphors bundled up into a weighty tome

My Dinner With Android - Four months with Android: reflections, grievances and some tenuous metaphors bundled up into a weighty tome:

Interesting article, no matter if you are an Android user or an iOS user. He makes a couple interesting points in the article. One being, you can't approach Android like you are using iOS, it just doesn't work like that. Vise Versa as well.

I have a friend that has had an Android phone for awhile, and recently moved to the iPhone 4S. We were talking yesterday and he mentioned to me that it was very strange. I answered him saying that you can't approach iOS like you do with Android.

Another quote from the article that is pointed:

"Fans of Android, let’s not tiptoe around this: Android exists because it is a rip off of iOS. Sure, it has grown into its own in a lot of ways, but its roots are decidedly placed at the introduction of iOS in 2007. Consider the before and after that caused a stir last year. Things changed when the iPhone came out. Apple changed the mobile phone game, and Google did a one-eighty to realign with what they recognized to be a better direction."

Wednesday, October 5

Steve Jobs

Over the next few days, there will be countless specials, news casts, and thrown together documentaries about Steve Jobs and Apple.

Everyone will be focusing on his products. The iPod, iPhone, the personal computer, and the iPad. This was a part of his legacy, but not his genius.

His genius was how all the products worked together in a single coherent strategy (iCloud is a perfect example). Making everything work together seamlessly. Simply.

So that my two year old could operate it, as well as my 75 year old Dad.

You could interact with any of the products without an instruction book.

I think the best example of that is Siri. Being able to interact with your devices in a natural language way.

His genius was how everything was simple. The packaging, the website, the buying experience, the product, the operation, the genius bar. The way Apple itself functioned.

This was his genius. He was a visionary in the best way.

Call me a fanboy all you want.

He was smart. He demanded brilliance. He settled for nothing less than awesome.


Tuesday, October 4

Let's just assume this pcap is bad...mkay?

Alerts (, 4924362.pcap)
1:18347:3 BLACKLIST USER-AGENT known malicious user-agent string AutoIt Alerts: 4
1:19734:1 BLACKLIST DNS request for known malware domain Alerts: 2
1:16816:5 BOTNET-CNC known command and control channel traffic Alerts: 1
1:18762:1 BLACKLIST URI request for known malicious URI /blog.updata?v= - Win32-Agent-GRW Alerts: 1
1:17834:3 BLACKLIST DNS request for known malware domain Alerts: 1
1:16815:4 BOTNET-CNC known command and control channel traffic Alerts: 1

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Call of Duty Error 6034 for the Xbox

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