Wednesday, August 24

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO

Daring Fireball: Resigned:

I think the link above says exactly what I think about it.

We knew Steve was going to resign. Tim Cook has been running the company for awhile now in transition, and now the title has changed hands.

Steve is still there, the people he has put in place are still there, and his ideas are still there.

Just the titles changed.

Saturday, August 20

Microsoft courting webOS developers with free phones

AppleInsider | Microsoft courting webOS developers with free phones

Fantastic idea Microsoft:

"To Any Published WebOS Devs: We'll give you what you need to be successful on #WindowsPhone, phones, dev tools, and training, etc.," Watson wrote on Twitter.

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Wednesday, August 17

iSec Partners' presentation on "Macs in the Age of APT"

Interesting slide deck here if you are interested in OSX vs. Windows security. I'd like to see Dino Dai Zovi's take on the slide deck.

Related: Dino's recent iOS 4 security evaluation slide and whitepaper (written in Pages ;)

1st Review of my Gfirst 2011 talk

Nice review of my Gfirst 2011 talk.

Chris Sanders » GFIRST 2011 Presentation Slides, Code, and Thoughts:

"This talk was presented by Joel Esler of Sourcefire. Joel is a really smart guy and a great presenter and he didn’t disappoint. My big take away from this one was his discussion of Razorback, which I really think is going to be one of the next big things in intrusion detection. I think a lot of the crowd missed the point on this. There were a lot of complaints because of the amount of legwork required to integrate the tool, but I think most of those people were overlooking the early stage the tool was in and the potential impact of the community released nuggets and detection plugins. I played with Razorback when it was first released and look forward to digging into it again once some of the setup and configuration pains are eased. I’ve already thought of quite a few nuggets that I could possibly write for it."
Thanks Chris!

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Android isn't free, unless you are the end user.

Android isn't free.

Apparently Google has found that out that a free OS isn't free.  It's going to cost you legal fees.  Being sued by everyone under the sun, Google has found itself in a sticky predicament, and has to defend itself with patents.  However, Apple still holds the patent on multitouch, so we'll have to see how that all works out.

So they bought Motorola Mobility.  yes. That division of Motorola that almost shut down and is nearly bankrupt -- and they paid 12.5B for it.  Srsly.

Even Balmer says Android isn't free.  Awhile ago.

Unless you are the end user, when you can download and compile Android "for free" for use on your phone.

Should be interesting.

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Call of Duty Error 6034 for the Xbox

Several friends and I play Call of Duty nearly every night.  However, Activision’s most recent multiplayer update broke the heck out of Call...