Thursday, February 14

Teen hax0rs iPhone. Again.

In the quest for people to keep hacking the iPhone (at least, I guess party until the SDK comes out), the Register is running an article about a teen that has re-hacked the iPhone on the new 1.1.3 firmware.  Except this time it wasn't like exploiting the tiff flaw.  This was much harder.

Money quote: "The latest salvo was fired late last week, following a 24-hour hacking spree by Geohot that was broken up by only three hours of sleep. It turns out the latest firmware contained modifications to the device's memory registers to prevent unlocking. Geohot worked around those changes by finding another, much higher register that was vulnerable."

When the SDK comes out, I am sure some of the hacking (or the pace of it) will probably slow down, because people will actually have a legit way of getting apps on the iPhone.  However, there will be a certain percentage that will be interested in it because of the SIM card unlocks.

>People want to be able to take their phones to other networks.  I have a buddy of mine that has his on T-Mobile.

But I know alot of people that have hacked their iPhones for the apps.  I used to have my iPhone hacked, but then the firmware update (1.1.1)? came out that allowed me to download music directly on the phone.  That's all I wanted.  After I got that, there really wasn't any other apps I was interested in.

There are a couple Apps I would like Apple to come out with.
1) A to-do syncer
2) Notes syncer
3) .mac syncing OTA
4) iChat interface.

If Apple had those features on the iPhone (while the top two are also updates to iTunes, pretty much), I'd be pretty happy.
Thanks goes to Craig who sent me this article.

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