Friday, February 1

Microsoft to buy Yahoo?

Apparently this morning all the news has been about (MSFT) proposing to buy (YHOO).  Seriously.  For 31 dollars a share.  Equally about 44 Billion.

What does this mean for (MSFT)?  Well the company will continue to get bigger and dominate the world.  What does it mean for the flailing (YHOO)?  Well, it means that the competition against (GOOG) just got stronger.  If you had to pick the biggest three search engines, it would be those three companies.  

Still no word on how (GOOG) is reacting to the news, that will be interesting if the deal even pans out.  Right now it's still a proposal.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GOOG can always buy AAPL in response :)

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