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Mac OS X Lion iChat supports Yahoo Messenger video and voice chat

As the title of the article title states, Apple's OSX iChat client on OSX 7 Lion supports Yahoo Instant Messenger adding to support for AIM, GChat, and standard Jabber.

This is a welcome addition and stands to keep chipping away at the other major Instant Messenger clients, but, why is there two separate video chat clients for the Mac? (Facetime, iChat)

It would seem to me that it would make more sense to combine these two.

Facetime traverses NAT (etc) better than iChat
Facetime uses less bandwith
Facetime is now "HD" (as Apple calls it), leaving the "quality" issue behind (iChat's resolution was better than Facetime, as Facetime is faster on the network)
However, iChat does support up to 3 video calls at once (and like, 10 audio)

Anyway, I hope they fix this before OSX 7 is released finally.  I'd love to have one app that covered both IM and Mobile Video Chat.

Appleinsider has a great breakdown featuring some nice videos of OSX7 on their site here and here.  C…

Rude People

Okay, so there I am waiting in line, directly between two people, and I am sitting on my suitcase. The lady in front of me has a space between her and the person in front of her of about 4 feet. Plainly visible. No excuses.

So this guy decides to take it upon himself to try and cross the line, not in the big ass 4 foot space that everyone else crossing the line is passing through, but directly between me and the lady in front of me. Rudely.

He squeezes by in such a way where he bumps my suitcase, sending it, and me crashing to the floor where I wind up on my ass.

He starts to apologize profusely.

I get up, say nothing, and sit back down on my suitcase.

He proceeds to apologize again, he looks around, looks at his ticket, then walks BACK through the line, in the big ass 4 foot space.