Saturday, February 23

Microsoft throws open the door

If you haven't heard about it already, Microsoft has published a ton of their protocols on their MSDN page.  Everything from Windows Update to Remote Desktop.  What is (MSFT) trying to do here?  Are they going for the "open up the OS, we're moving to the online services" market?  I guess we'll see.

What will this lead to?  Well, people will try and make things interoperable, find the bugs, publish the bugs, exploits will reign down, cats and dogs, living together, MASS HYSTERIA.

But this may be nice for security researchers as well.  No more having to brute-force reverse engineer MSFT's protocols.  They are out in the open now.  

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Anonymous said...

The reason for the release of this protocol documentation was to comply with the EU Antitrust decision.

Joel Esler said...

Tyler, yes, thank you for pointing that out. I read that in the article and simply forgot to put it in. I still think it's a move that could have some interesting ramifications.