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Mountain Lion: How to get the most out of iMessage

So, now that Mountain Lion has been released for everyone I thought I'd write a quick blog post on how to get the most out of iMessages (now called Messages) on your iOS device and your Desktop.

If you are an Apple Ecosystem person (iOS + OSX) you'll love it.  Messages is the replacement for iChat and it allows you to have the same conversation with anyone that is in the iOS ecosystem across all your devices all at the same time.

So here's how to get the most out of it.

Open Messages, the icon looks like the above picture.  In your preferences, you need to set up your iMessages account.  I use my iCloud account, (, but you can use any email address I believe.  So, add your iMessages account.  Enter all your email addresses there on the bottom, it may ask you to verify them (at which point Apple will send you an email through the account that you entered to ensure you actually own that account):

The next setting to pay attention to is the "Caller ID".  Pay pa…

@Sparrow, I have a feature request

In the Gmail interface, if you are in the middle of a "conversation" there is a black arrow to the message you are currently working with.  That way you can put the arrow on a specific email and then hit enter to expand that message.  The current Sparrow interface doesn't have the black arrow to see where you are in the conversation.

That being said, if you are in the middle of a thread (where there are new messages appended to an already thick stack of messages in a conversation that is collapsed when you reopen it), the black arrow should be by default placed on the new (non collapsed message), as Gmail does.

This is all for consistency in between the two platforms, and the need for the keyboard shortcuts (the best feature of Sparrow IMO) to function exactly the same as Gmail's.

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