Friday, February 8

What are your distractions?

Part 3 of 3 of my self question series.  What are your distractions?

What makes your job harder?  Are you pressured to answer your Email as soon as you get it?  Are you pressured to complete a project given no milestones or end goal?  How many projects are you working on?  GTD says the most projects you can track in your head at a time is 7.  Do you have more than that?   Can you work on multiple projects at a time?  

Can you cut back anywhere?  Can you delegate any of your projects to other people?  Is it possible for you to get help on your projects from other people?  Why are you doing the project?  Because everyone else is incompetent?  Because it's your job?  Because you are being relied on more heavily then the other people in your department?

Can you focus on one thing at a time?  Is your mind Multithreaded or Single Threaded?

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