Tuesday, June 10

One more Apple post, Snow Leopard

So, in about a year we can expect Apple to release it's next version of OSX, 10.6 affectionately called "Snow Leopard".  Instead of focusing on new features, it is instead going to focus on tuning, performance, and security.  Always a good thing.

So let's take a quick look at the features that we know of so far.

1.  Microsoft Exchange Support -- What?!  Hells yeah.  Enterprise for the Mac, here we come.
2.  64-bit.  Totally.  The ability to theoretically address 16-TB (That's Terabytes, which equals a -load of RAM).  I have 4 Gb of RAM now.  I can't imagine what 16-TB will be.  Not that I'll ever have that much, but it would be cool.  Heh.
3.  True Multicore.  Enuff said.
4.  Quicktime X.
5.  OpenCL (The Open Computing Library), the ability to utilize more of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).  Meaning graphics take place where they should be computed, on the graphics card.


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