Tuesday, June 10

Okay, so here's my iPhone 3G post

No doubt you are reading about the iPhone 3G in 300 other news media outlets today.  However, it would improper for me to call myself an Apple fanatic and not blog about it, so here you go.

1.  I think the price point is beautiful.  299/199.  Now, this includes the AT&T subsidization.  You have to remember that.  The phone isn't any cheaper, just AT&T is giving money to Apple to pay for the phone.  299 is a steal, and the lines to get this phone will be around the block.

2.  You have to buy the phone in the store and activate it in the store.  This is complete horse-sh*t.  That was one of the awesome things I loved about the current iPhone is that you could take it home and activate it.  But there were alot of problems with that.  I remember being stuck in New York City on the launch day last year without an activated phone.  Drove me nuts.

3.  3G/GPS.  As rumored, and it's true.  Next car that I buy will not have the GPS built in (saving me about 3000 dollars).  And since I live in an area that has 3G...  awesome.

4.  MobileMe (while this is not necessarily iPhone related) it's about time that Apple did something with .mac.  Don't get me wrong, I am a .mac user, and I use it all the time, however, I am glad they are doing more with the tech that they built.  I am happy to see that Contacts, Mail, and Calendars will be stored in the cloud and be pushed down to all devices.  This is awesome.

5.  AppStore.  I think there are going to be some very beautiful and useful apps that come out of the AppStore and am excited to see what happens.

Now for a few things that I still don't like.

6.  Lack of MMS.  Come on, let me text friggin pictures!

7.  Can't tether to your laptop (use your iPhone as a modem), but on the other hand, when I had my treo (before my blackberry, before my iPhone), I only used the tethering feature like twice, and it sucked.  So I don't really care.

8.  To-Do's.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I want my iPhone to sync To-Do's with my Mac.  Although on the other hand, I really imagine that someone will build an app to be able to have To-Do's synced in the cloud (mobileme) and have them pushed down to all devices, and then there will be a local client app on the iPhone to be able to navigate these.  Duh.

9.  Note syncing.  Will Notes be synced to the cloud (Mobileme)?  Don't know, but hopefully they will, and then hopefully the notes will be pushed down to the iphone's Notes application.

10.  Nothing.

Other than a few points, I will be picking the iPhone up on launch day, just like I did the last one.  There are a few points I am not happy about (like the fact that I have to activate it in the store, what kind of crap is that!), but  I am looking forward to having push email and 3G.

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Salat Spinatra said...

I find it interesting that you will brave the lines. If activation is required on location, that should slow things down in there. Maybe iPhones bring out good things in people, but I never heard of phone companies eliciting good cheer.

And the to-do work-around. Just doesn't grab me. I'm skipping this whole shebang on this silly lack-of-feature. My whole GTD-contextual-list hangs on this one ingredient.

On a side note, I think the to-do's would be great if they could be grouped the way the calendars can. That way they could be organized by project.