Monday, June 16

iPhone 3G activation in store or not?

Talked to a guy at a local AT&T store here this weekend.  He indicated to me this:

"part of the activation will be done in store, and some of it will be done at home"

Now, I am not sure what that means, maybe the activation of the plan will be done in-store, then you go home and actually set up/sync your device?  Or you will attach your phone to something they have, so they can tie your name to the phone, and if you don't activate it, then you get penalized in 30 days?

I've heard rumors.

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Michael said...

Hmm. When I activated my original iPhone, I had to go to the AT&T store to obtain an 'approval code'. I failed the online credit check due to a recent address change, so I went there, showed ID, and obtained a printed code I needed to enter during iTunes activation. Perhaps this is what they will now do for everyone.

Joel Esler said...

After I read the AppleInsider post, I IM'ed Jason Chen and let him know what the Appleinsider thing said, and then what my experiences were as well at the AT&T store. We'll see.