Monday, June 23

My adventures with Microsoft Vista

Where I am currently working, I am being forced to not only use a Thick Client, but also using Microsoft Vista with Office 2007.  So, when I left Friday I was using XP, and Office 2003.  So you can imagine my transition.  I've never used Vista before, so I'll be posting a few experiences. 

That all being said.  I want to at least give Vista a fair assessment.  So I am going to try and be unbiased.

Oh, and Outlook already crashed (2 minutes into using the thing).

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FraudCaster1 said...

I would rather stick a fork in my eye (or go back to Windows 3.1) than be forced to use Vista. It is too much of a resource hog. You will appreciate Leopard (and even XP) so much more now :)

Anonymous said...

Forced to XP here - but hey, it actually runs pretty well in VMware.