Saturday, June 28

I ditched Mail Tags

I recently wrote a post on GTD with and iCal and everything like that, and I mentioned that I use Mail Tags.

Well, I uninstalled it.  I noticed that it really didn't provide me any value added that I couldn't do with some Smart Folders.  So now I have two more Smart folders and no more Mail Tags.  I still keep all my email (except for listserv email) in one mailbox named Read.  

Basically instead of the traditional way of using email by putting it all into separate folders, I put everything into one folder and search it by using Smart Folders.

I created two more search folders to make stuff a bit easier, one called "Today" and one called "Yesterday" so I can look for email by day.

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swissfondue said...

I keep all Email in my inbox and use smart folders to sort it and search to find it.

Joel Esler said...

I essentially do the same thing. Except I use my inbox for processing decide what to do with it all, create to dos and what not, then file it after I read it in a separate folder. Simple.

James Katt said...

MailTags does one thing I can't do in Mail: Add comments to a received email and search the comments.

Can you do that without mailtags?

I would love it if it was so.

Joel Esler said...

Create a Note, if you are using OSX leopard.

Steve Hudson said...

I think using tags with smartfolders is the best combination. I have a lot of technical topics that I discuss via email for work and when I find something of interest I tag it accordingly. And one really killer feature of mailtags is the ability to give an email message a new subject line (temporary override if you will). So for instance I may tag things of interest as "kb" for knowledge base, and then using a smartfolder I can display all emails with that tag and get a list of messages with meaningful subject lines giving me an instant knowledge base for quickly finding help.

Just my 2 cents...I'm not a sales rep for mail tags ;)


Anonymous said...

What about a tickle date?