Monday, June 30

10.5.4 Review

So, after looking through the 10.5.4 update, I see a bunch of updates.  All ones that we described in the Apple Documents, but anyone that puts two and two together can see that this update is basically getting your computer ready for MobileMe functionality.  There are updates to all the software that MobileMe will have something to do with.

Mail  (Including an update to To-Do's.  Please let MobileMe have todo syncing?!)
Webdav (iDisk)
Address Book

There are also some updates that I am not sure of, like updates to the Dock, and to iChat.  (Although iChat would need to be updated with new encryption keys for .Mac IM service if Apple was going to rename .Mac.  

Also some updates to Safari, which they did tell us about in the update, but if Bookmarks are going to be synced with MobileMe (name of service again) instead of .Mac, Apple might have to change something in Safari.

So we'll see.  If the MobileMe roll out is on July 11th with the rest of the Apple News, that'd be great.  Personally I think that Apple would roll out the MobileMe upgrade sooner than July 11th since it's such a big upgrade and Apple would want everything working correctly before the new iPhone came out.  Just a theory.

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