Tuesday, December 11

Steve Jobs wore a tie.

Those of us that remember back in the pre-Steve-return-to-apple days have seen him in a Suit and Tie. But in recent years, I haven't seen him wear anything but a black mock turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers.  Original Article here.

So it's quite interesting to see him in a suit and tie.

If it were anyone else, it wouldn't be news.  This was to see Al Gore receive his Nobel Peace Prize.

Steve, you're the man.  Wear what you want big guy.
UPDATE:  Found this picture of him in full dress.

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RetroMacCast said...

The expression on his face seems to say, "I think I'll wring Al's neck with this tie they're making me wear."

Mr Rossouw said...

uhh yeah, it's called style. The quintessential difference between Pc and Mac.

A CEO that's able to dress up or down and be comfortable in both.

David said...

"I should be up there accepting my Nobel prize for the friggin' iPhone! Global warming .... yeah, whatever!"

Neil said...

But, you notice, he didn't bother to shave.

Stephen Bolin said...

He looks good in a tie. I like it.

fmafra said...

wow. I'm blown away by the interestingness...

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by the tie, I'm surprised by the NAME TAG ! He left it on !

"Here Mr Jobs, this is your name tag, so people can… hum… know who you are."