Wednesday, December 12

Fake Steve Jobs

If you came to my website yesterday and it was a bit slow, I apologize. It was kinda busy.

I wrote a little funny about Steve Jobs being at Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony yesterday. It was only significant because he wasn't wearing his trademark black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers. He was wearing, what appears to be, a suit and tie. (Click on the link to see the picture).

Well, fake steve jobs picked this up and blogged it at

Fake Steve Jobs, for those of you that don't know, is a blog ran by, what turns out to be an editor (or writer) for He presents a very funny and satirical view of the world, skewed by what he thinks Steve Jobs (the real one) would say about topics. It's a good blog, I encourage you to add it to your daily rss feed.

Anyway, FSJ picked up my blog post, and blogged about it himself. Simply saying "So big deal, I wore a tie, who cares? Apparently this guy does. He even ran a photo." Pointing people to my website.

Heh. As you can imagine, FSJ gets a LITTLE BIT more traffic then, and here came the traffic.

I noticed it at about 7 am. Lights on my switch were ON. Not blinking. They were just on. I maxed out my bandwidth in about a half hour, and it remained that way for about 4 hours. Nice.

At about 10:20 am, I had over 6000 people (open sessions) at the same time. The network held this rate for about an hour and a half (started slowing down at around noon). When I went to bed last night at around 10:00 pm, I was tracking about 5000 people (open sessions) at the same time.

Snort didn't drop a packet. Not one. It analyzed every single bit of it. (Go Snort!)

So, go FreeBSD (my webserver), Go Snort (, 37,935 hits yesterday isn't bad.

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