Sunday, December 23

Fake Steve Jobs is out?

I read fake steve jobs everyday (actually, through the magic that is RSS, it'd delivered to my inbox via Apparently here is some info that Apple has apparently contacted FSJ about his blog and asked him to shut it down, and is going to pay him to do so.

Which I find interesting. While this would be an excellent opportunity for the Real Steve Jobs to start a blog, which would have so many people reading it, it wouldn't even be funny.. but.. since that won't happen.

Apple has a apparently threatened legal action if they don't take his offer. I kinda feel bad for the guy, since he basically started the blog as a joke, and now it's this huge thing which has thousands of readers. (I know that the blog has driven over 60,000 hits to my website just on my posting about his tie alone, as of this morning.)

Should he have to shut down the blog? Nah. But if is getting paid to do it? Sure. Could be lucrative. I wouldn't tangle with big corporate lawyers. I'd take my money and stfu.

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