Saturday, December 22 - LTC Wallington and Macintosh

This is an excerpt from an Email I wrote about Apple and Microsoft:

I agree I am biased, I like Apple's products. Granted there are
improvements to be made in several areas, however I thought was
pretty neutral in that particular posting. Both os'es have flaws.

Diveristy is good in the way it lowers the attack impact, (more
later) and I agree with your points about code red and slammer being
bandwidth hogs. But of course there was other stuff going on behind
the scenes of those "noisy" attacks that was not very public. Also
both of those attacks were not against Windows itself. But against
components of windows. (iis, mssql) let's use msrpc, dhcp attacks,
and the like for reference instead. We could compare the
vulnerabilites in the actual os and get a better set of numbers.

Btw-- osx isn't just for publishing anymore. This year is my 5th
year without windows as my desktop. And my third year without it

I applaud both msft and aapl's efforts to become more secure and
interface with the public. I have personal dealings with both
product security teams for both companies, and I can assure you that
security for the os'es is headed in the right direction. Most
people do hot have the opportunity to work with the apple team, so
they are not familiar with their goals. People also have to
remember that patching for proactive security is a benefit, not a

I still stand by my points of diversity is good.

We'll see.

Joel Esler
Sent from the iRoad.

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