Friday, December 7

Certification Litmus Test

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Back now? Okay. There's the thread for the discussion on the DShield list about the SANS change for certifications. Notice the ads on the right of the screen? THAT'S MY PROBLEM.  See how commercialized the CISSP is now?  Ads for bootcamps.  Even though the thread thoroughly discusses GIAC certs, you see no ads for GIAC testing centers or bootcamps in there.

What is to say that it won't become that?

My whole point in this discussion is to not let the GIAC certifications (no matter how much you don't or do respect certifications, I don't really care for them one way or the other, I have a couple) go to the dirt.  So many "CERTS" have went downhill it's horrible.

I understand why this is taking place.  I just don't agree with it.  I understand that standards and that kind of thing are good.   The exams and the practical are hard. (I don't really care for the Silver GIAC cert.  I am a Gold kinda guy, I really like the practical.  That's why I like grading them.  If it were up to me, I'd reinstate the practical for everyone.)

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Joel Esler said...

Yup. I heard that rumor, that's why I brought it up in my original post.