Monday, December 10

CompUSA is done.

Compusa is done.  
This brings up several points.   I remember the fond days of CompUSA where you used to be able to go into the store and get random computer parts.  The problem is, there are SO many places to do this now, CompUSA never did anything to differentiate itself from the competition.  The only thing that CompUSA ever had that was different was the Mini-Apple Stores inside them.  Well, then Apple started their own stores, effectively killing the function of the Mini-Stores, so I am sure that didn't help.

Second, CompUSA's in general do not have the expertise that other stores do.  Now, in CompUSA's defense, they always tended to have more of a variety of products then the other guys, take keyboards for example.  CompUSA always had like 30 keyboards to pick from, while the other guys would not even have a third of that.  Especially not in a display where you could physically touch them and see how they felt underneath your fingers.

Apple must have saw this coming and that's why Apple started reselling their stuff through Best Buy as well.  I mean, everyone sells iPods, but not everyone sells the desktops and notebooks.  Best Buy does.  CompUSA does (or did).

The only thing that CompUSA really did that was over the competition is that they sold individual parts.  All kinds of Graphic Cards, power supplies, computer shells, and the like.  Best Buy doesn't break it down to this degree, however, most people that buy these individual parts can get them for a better deal online.

That's where CompUSA is getting their butt kicked.  People can order stuff online and have it shipped next day for free from some sites.

So, hasta la vista CompUSA.  You will be missed.  However, now that I am a mac guy, and I have an Apple Store that is closer to my house then your nearest store, I really don't care.

However, where am I going to take my certification tests?

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