Friday, January 25

New Router

In my network I've had two routers.  Linksys was my gateway, and hooked to that was a gigabit switch, which all the machines in my network were connected to.  Also attached to that switch was an Apple Airport Extreme which all my Apple wireless computers were connected to, to take advantage of the 802.11n features.

Today I just eliminated the Linksys router and am now letting the Airport Extreme manage the gateway and the network (the switch is still there).  My network is not only faster, (like I can download at ungodly rates and network transfers are actually as fast as they are supposed to be) but more reliable.

I had no idea that just that small of a change could make such a big difference.

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Anonymous said...

Stats or it didn't happen. I want to see how much of a difference it made. Surely you could use iperf or something to test?

Joel Esler said...

Ooh. Good idea. My wireless inner-networking traffic is faster, it is consistently holding about 10 mb/s transfer rate. But I haven't tested it. I know I have a couple huge ISO's at the house I can test with, so I'll do that tonight.

However, I KNOW my internet-access speed is faster. On my 8 mb/s link I can get right at 7.8 mb/s. Before I would barely peak 6.