Saturday, January 5

Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

I've been sitting on my hands for awhile about this.  I saw the competition in a different light then most people.

Most people saw it as a war between the next-gen video-disc format.  I saw, like i see most things, a competition between (MSFT) -HD-DVD- and (AAPL) -Blu-Ray-.

Microsoft is backing hd-dvd, and Apple is backing blu-ray.  So it was interesting to see who was going to win.  I remember saying to my wife just before Christmas that, basically, whomever Warner Bros. goes with is who is going to win.  Disney (with Jobs as the single largest shareholder) is backing Blu-Ray.

Can we declare a winner yet and get on with it?  I haven't bought either one, but I think I may go out and get a Blu-Ray player now.

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