Monday, January 28


Now, since during this year's MacWorld, I was at our corporate annual kickoff event sitting in presentations,  I had not yet gotten the opportunity to watch Steve Job's Keynote that he gave at the event.

So, when my wife fell asleep on the couch this evening, I decided I'll go ahead and watch it in HD.  So I did.  I did notice a couple things though, first off I notice Steve Jobs make about 4 mistakes in his presentation (and no, I was not counting).  But I heard him say "Tiger" when he actually meant "Leopard" and other minor mistakes like that.  Makes me realize that even if you are arguably one of the best presenters alive right now, even you too can make mistakes.  

However this is on thing that I did notice.  At one point in the beginning when he is introducing the "Time Capsule" product, he walks in front of a screenshot of Time Machine up on the screen.  In the lower left corner, there is a button that isn't there normally on Time Machine.  It said "Show only changes in files".  Or something similar.  I went and looked at the Time Machine screen shot (linked above) on the Apple website, and sure enough it's not there.  

So my guess is, in 10.5.2 which is due out soon,  (Next week, I am predicting), not only will you have the ability to restore backups of files, but you will be able to diff and revert to an older version of a file?  

Sounds plausible, we shall see.

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