Tuesday, January 8

Open Letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

While I love the iPhone and I think it's a great product.  Please please do one thing for us all that have it.  
On the iPhone there is a Notes application.
On the Leopard version of, there is a Notes section.  Please make them sync?

On the Leopard version of and iCal (actually, system wide) there is a To-Do database.  Why in God's name do these To-Do's not Sync with the iPhone?  You could also make them sync with the iPod Touch and give that platform even great organizational functionality as well.

That is all.  Thank you.  I'll be filing this as an feature request on your developer site.


Joel Esler

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Jane said...

what's the radar # for that bug? i figure if i want to send them a request for enhancement about the same thing it would be useful to reference yours too :)

Joel Esler said...

Bug numbers:

Have fun!