Tuesday, January 22

Mailing lists and "Botnets: How they are getting better"

I am subscribed to a couple dozen security type mailing lists. It's one of the best way for sharing of information. A small list:

Incident list (although, i think this one is dead)
fedtalk (An Apple list for people that work for .gov/.mil)
53L (An list for people in the computer profession)
botnet list
(various internal Sourcefire lists)

Now, I am a member on several more, however, those I am not at liberty to discuss... so anyway, moving on.

I got an email on one of my lists today detailing a web-gui for managing a botnet. Yes, seriously. You can go to this website (I am assuming it's hacked as well) login to this website and manage your botnets point & click style!

Remember the days when you could manage your botnets via IRC? Well, if you want to do things the old school way, fine. But we are Web 2.0 now!

This website is great, it allows you to login, select which targets you want to DDOS (or run other commands as well), even allows you to pick which bots you want to use to perform the attack! (all? Bots that have a ping time < X?) How handy is this?

In the new age of managing your bots. For fun and profit. Welcome.

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