Thursday, January 3

Windows ruins New Year's

Sorry for the tirade of Apple vs. Microsoft articles lately.  It's just been alot of what is in the news lately.  I'll stop.  Sorry.

Wait.. one last one.

Article here.  Apparently he computer that was running the fireworks in SEATTLE crashed after the start of the show and everything ceased to work.  So the show had to be finished by hand.  

Money quotes from article: 

""Hey, is that Vista on that fireworks laptop?" said Chang.
"Powered by Windows 3.1," said "The Dude."
And finally, Chris had this comment: "In the land of Bill Gates, computers and high-tech savvy, we had to reboot 2008 because of a computer glitch. We'll be remembered for sure!""

Sorry, I couldn't resist.  Okay, I'll stop now.

FSJ said it too here.

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