Monday, May 2

Post from Wayne's Blog

A post on Wayne's Blog. I love this show. I totally agree with Wayne.

24 - Best show on the Telly

Once again I’m left all but BREATHLESS by an episode of 24. Had a phone call to tend to just as the Secret Service, under orders by a hopelessly inept 25th Amendment President, arrived to arrest Jack.(Thanks Singlemind and sorry I cut you off!)

Oh. My. Goodness. Chloe with a rifle. shudder(in a very VERY good way). I just LOVE that character. Strong. No Nonsense. Straight forward to a fault and NOW we have evidence to support the “fiesty” comment I made here. And I won’t even comment on the pitiful excuse of a “show” before 24 now. I guess trading spouses didn’t cut it so Fox decided to show a different angle to dysfunctional families. Still Sad.

I know it’s only Hollywood but I can’t help but think that the writers of this show are trying to make some points this season:

1. We cannot fight an assymetric war symetrically.
2. Sometimes our Civil Rights Laws MUST be set aside for the good of the Country.
3. A Vice President selected for votes or because of political favors is NEVER a good idea.

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