Monday, May 23

Season Finale' of 24

Everything worked out in the end. However, I don't know how Jack Bauer will be in next season.

For those of you that didn't catch it. Jack Bauer is dead. Or is he? But he's not. Or???

You'll have to wait for the DVD. I love 24. I'm going to have to buy all three seasons. That's a great show, and is severly underrated.


Anonymous said...

I love this show as well and had never seen it before this season. May also have to purchase the previous ones on DVD. But wasn't the shooting down of the nuclear missile a bit anti-climactic? I was a little disappointed at that point.

BUT, to counter that, I loved it when that evil b*tch terrorist got punched in the face when they caught her... I actually cheered from my couch.

And of course the deal w/Jack... I wonder how they will handle that... IS there another season? (I hope so!)

Joel Esler said...

Yes, there is another season.

I thought the missle thing was climactic... however, the stuff after was "tying up lose ends".. really no way around it as a director, but I love the show now, and my wife hated it at first "because it's so SLOW!". But at the end of the show, she said "We have to wait until January!?!"

Anonymous said...

I watched the show through Dilauded colored lenses. Kidney Stones you see.

As I watched the past couple of episodes something about that "evil b*tch terrorist" kept creeping into my head. I honestly believe she's been a recurring cast member since season 1. Palmer must have dogged her in high school or something.

At any rate, I think it was alittle anti-climactic as well but else do you get a missile outta the air but shoot it down? I didn't think Chloe would be breaking out another proprietary encryption algorithm to defeat blowfish...hehehe...that just killed me.

As to how do we get Jack back in the show next season? Easy. Agent Bern has to be rescued and who better to do it than a dead man.

Oh, and Joel, glad to see you adopted Johannes' anti-spam measure. The simplicity is WONDERFUL! Mike Poor was my favorite before Johannes jump over him.