Monday, May 9


A thought for today. I'm freezing. Yes, the current temperature outside today is supposed to be a high of 85, however, with the advent of air conditioning in my building...

Our air conditioning at work apparently just sits and recycles it's own cold water. Thus lowering the temperature beyond acceptable levels.

54.5 to be exact. (Fahrenheit)


Anonymous said...

AC is a wonderful thing...except when it runs amok. Of course in my office I have a wonderful EAST facing window. By early afternoon I can WATCH the mold grow in the greenhouse I call an office.

Want an instant thunderstorm? Open the server room door.

Joel Esler said...

Well, at some point today, I walked outside (with my sweatshirt on, mind you) and basked in the 80+ degree weather (car said it was 88 on the way home), then walked back into the freezer. Disgusting.