Monday, May 9

Review of tonight's 24 on Fox

Well, this is going to contain spoilers...

24 is basically an awesome show... That being said.

The Chinese consulate was shot in a previous show, and this show was basically spent trying to cover that up. Unfortunately at the end of the show, the security officer of the Chinese consulate asked Edgar a question, and I think Edgar messed up the whole cover-up.

The new president got mad at the old president because of the raid on the Chinese consulate... oh well wussy!

Jack was trying to apologize to his girlfriend (Paul that died in the last episode's wife).. Can't remember her name.

At the end of the show, Jack and the other dude that's always with him (the black guy), finally nab Habib Marwan, unfortunately when they find him, they only have 50 seconds before the nuclear missile goes off. At the end of the show.. The missile launched. Until next week...


Anonymous said...

Again...left breathless. The chick you were trying to remember was Audrey Hellard-Raines, daughter of SecDef Hellard. I think she and Keifer did a FABULOUS job of playing out that situation...had my stomach in knots with empathy for both of them.

Edgar...Chloe to the rescue again though. Did you catch the look on Jack's face when Chloe said, "If you ever need anyone to talk to..."? PRICELESS!

Joel Esler said...

i liked it when Chloe pulled Edgar out of the hallway... told him to keep his big mouth shut. That was great.