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Star Wars Episode 3 Review

Okay, I just went and saw it. Overall, very Dark and sad movie. However, if you come to this movie thinking it's going to be a light hearted movie... you're sadly mistaken. There are a couple spoilers in my review, so if you don't want to know what happens, leave now!

Before I get into the review.. All you ... people ... who show up at the movie theater dressed like.. droids, or aliens, or Darth Vader, with your lightsabers (couple people had those really expensive ones that look real as shit..) are all hopelessly sad, and need a life. Especially the dude that showed up in a Star Trek uniform. Then there were a couple people that weren't dressed up like anybody in the movies. White faces with red capes? And their hair in some kind of "Flock of Seagulls" do? Yes, I am talking to you, people at the Carmike 15 in Columbus, Georgia... You looked like complete idiots. There was one guy dressed like Darth, and his costume was great. Very Very complete. But he still looked like an asswipe. There were a hundred Jedi Robes and Padawan's there.. No Wookie's, No Ewoks.. No Storm Troopers.. Oh well. In the spirit of the movie, this time I'll forgive you.. (Except for the red robed people and the Star Trek guy.. you dork. hahaha) BTW, leave your BABIES at home!! They do NOT need to be up at midnight - 3 in the morning, and they have absolutely no appreciation for the movie... Okay, onto the movie.

Do I recommend kids? Depends on what your kids can handle, I'd view the movie first without the kids, then make your decision. Anakin gets fried up pretty good, and that's pretty nasty.. And Padme... Not good for little kids.. When I was like 8 - 10, maaaaybe, i would have seen it and been okay.... However, kids will not have an appreciation for the movie and the connection of the plots. Overall, I would leave them at home until they are old enough to understand that it's JUST A MOVIE..

Things I liked:
The opening Space battle was great. I tried to pay particular attention to the special effects in this scene, because they were so sharp. You can tell they were obviously all CGI'ed, but it didn't matter, they were so sharp, crisp, and realistic, that the great space battle of "Return of the Jedi" pales in comparison.

The 4 lightsaber battle with General Grevious was okay. I liked the fact that he whipped out 4 lightsabers and went to town, but it was too unrealistic. You would think with 4 lightsabers that the droid general would just whoop up.

Anakin's turn to the dark side was exactly as I expected. Awesome. Slowly and surely did Emperor Palpatine warp him, but he didn't say stupid stuff like "yeah the dark side...", you know? The conversion over was convincing.. left the audience with a feeling of, "Yeah!! THE JEDI SUCK!!"... I kind of expected Anakin to have like this masterful power over the force (from turing to the dark side) that no one could understand...

There were some really funny parts in the movie though. Kind of dwindled towards the end because the movie was getting more and more evil, so humor was hard to come by... But it was great.

Things I didn't like:
Almost everyone in the whole movie gets their hands cut off! Except Yoda. Oh yeah, and the emperor.. I don't know what is with Lucas' fetish of hand cutting off, but that seems to be the general theme of the movie.

The Droid delivering Padme's babies.. She was doing this baby cooing thing. Got really annoying..

The Cheese factor --
The Emperor in some spots was a bit cheesey. To the point where we laughed in the movie theater.

The Vader robot conversion thing was kinda cheesey. Then when Vader finds out that Padme is... what she is... the whole Light shining from above and the "NO!!!" was very clishe'.

The Emperor's scarring... bit cheesey..

Master Windu (Samuel L. Jackson).. i didn't like his character in this one.. didn't sit right. You'll see.

The reverse verbage of Yoda was a bit hard to swallow at some points "At end your reign is".. um.. what? oh yeah.. You're reign is over.. okay.. and Yoda doing the low crawl through the tunnel.. hm...

Also seemed like Lucas was struggling to connect the dots between this movie and "A New Hope" really quickly.... like the whole plot was connected in a matter of five minutes. He could have dragged this out a bit more, and also would have liked to see Lord Vader kick some ass after he put on his black suit.

Would have liked to see more force use. All these guys are battling with lightsabers all over the place no one's using the damn Force!! Lord Dooku does, but he dies too quick.


Great Movie. Much better than the last two, very exciting, and truly great in special effects and fight scenes (there are plenty) I loved it. Considering, basically, I've waited my whole life to see this movie (the final movie), it was worth the wait. I loved it. Go see in the the theater though..

The attitude of "I'll wait until it comes out on DVD" will NOT do this movie justice. You MUST go see it in theaters.


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