Monday, May 2 - England expected to plead guilty to Abu Ghraib charges - May 2, 2005 - England expected to plead guilty to Abu Ghraib charges - May 2, 2005

SLUT? I think so. I don't think she's responsible for as much as they say she was. She just got caught. and I'm sure an E-4 wasn't the "mastermind" behind it either. I think there was some high ranking officials behind some stuff, and no one is pointing any fingers at them.

Hardcore to think that we can be so quick to place blame on a PFC. Come on! Like they would just do that, and not have anyone to tell them to do that.


Anonymous said...

I have no more information on this than you do except to say some of the National Guard Units I've been associated with have had some real characters in them. The VAST majority of Guard folks I've met have been fine people but the Guard has a way of drawing the less desirables and if they make it through Basic it takes something pretty dire to even draw an Article 15.

I can certainly see an E4 being the ring leader of the stunts. I can also see a General turning a blind eye because she just didn't want to deal with it. That display of lack of discipline doesn't just happen overnight(no pun intended) takes track record and no "higher" putting the thumb on people.

Joel Esler said...

Perhaps the General didn't know. I'll give her that.. but there's no way you can tell me no middle - senior NCO's didn't know. Low grade officers.. Someone knew, and didn't say anything, and they are just as much at fault as everyone else.