Monday, June 7

Single Threaded Data Processing Pipelines and the Intel Architecture

VRT: Single Threaded Data Processing Pipelines and the Intel Architecture.

I wanted to bring this post to the attention of my blog readers as well, just in case my readers are also not subscribers to the VRT blog.

Marty Roesch (Sourcefire's benevolent dictator/CTO) guest-blogged on the VRT blog about Snort, multi-threading, Intel architectures, hyperthreading, and cores.  It's a really great post about why

Multithreading isn't all it's cracked up to be, and is only useful when used correctly.  Just because you "Multithread" everything, doesn't mean it'll run faster.  That's a common misconception that Marty is trying to debunk here, and I encourage a read of his article.  Snort is an extremely well performing piece of software and we get a lot of questions about why we aren't pushing "Snort 3.0" harder (as it has multithreading)

Hopefully this post answers some of that.

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