Tuesday, June 1

Google ditches Windows on security concerns

Trying not to bash Windows here, as I personally think that Windows 7 is a much better operating system than it's predecessors.  However, I think this is interesting.  I've seen this happen at several companies lately.  While Google has been very Mac centric for awhile now, according to friends I have in the company, a conscience effort to move everyone off the platform in such a big company is an interesting effort. / Technology - Google ditches Windows on security concerns.


Guest said...

This is not a terribly sophisticated article on the FT's front. 1) They don't challenge the idea that Windows is less secure than OS X (it's a hotly debated issue; they treat it as a consensus opinion) and 2) if Google were really that concerned about security, it seems like they'd be running a more managed computing environment.

Joel Esler said...

Interesting point. There's no way to measure who is "more secure" Windows definitely has taken greater strides at the OS and programming levels to secure the OS than Apple has. However, diversity reduces your "exploitable footprint" as far as commonality goes. The problem with the assumption in the first place is that most exploits and vulnerabilities being found and exploited right now are mostly client side.

dotBATman said...

Well, they will still have to manage all those virtual Windows machines that will be needed for [their own] application testing. It is of course doable by adding layers of security / isolation - such as only allowing the VM's on specific VLAN's and more. But you have to manage it as was mentioned before.

There is a risk that they bring up a lot of virtual Windows machines that are no longer supported on the backend as they move their antivirus (? ;) and app/OS update over to the Mac side.

BTW: I love to be able to comment on a serious discussion on pros/cons of platform!