Friday, June 18

Apple updates Anti-Malware file

Last year in August I wrote a post called "Snow Leopard is coming..." where I mentioned the XProtect.plist file.  This file protects and defends the OSX system against "downloader" trojans.  Ones that you receive via iChat, or download via Safari, Mail.. basically if you download the trojan to your system.

In the most recent update of Snow Leopard that came out last week (10.6.4), that I didn't cover, it seems Apple has updated the XProtect.plist file to include a new trojan named "HellRTS".

I guess this answers my original question, if they are going to keep it updated, am I am glad they are, however, I'd like to see them update it even more often than that, and of course include more things.  It's better than nothing, I suppose..  but I'd like to see more.

As of right now, there are a whole three trojans protected against in the XProtect file.
  • OSX.RSPlug.A
  • OSX.Iservice
  • OSX.HellRTS

You can find this file in the:



This article by Sophos turned me onto the update, but I reposted without the conspiracy theories:

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