Friday, June 18

The Google Command Line Tool

Enough of the readers of this blog can be classified as "Command Line Nerds", myself included, and this post is aimed at you.

Apparently they don't have enough to do at Google, so they sit around and make tools to collect your wifi data, read your email and give you ads for them, and various other nifty Google ideas.  (Yes, I still love Google.)

But apparently they had enough time to make a tool to interact with Google via the command line.  Using Python you can do a whole mess of things..

  • You can Post to Blogger!

google blogger post --title "Just like this" "This is my blog entry, there are many like it but this one is mine"

  • You can Post to your Google Calendar!

google calendar add "Take out garbage at 7 pm on Tuesday"

  • You can perform various tasks with your Contacts!

google contacts list name,email --name *joel* > joel.csv

  • You can edit some Google docs!

google docs edit --title "Document title here"

  • You can upload photos to Picasa easily!

google picasa create --album "Photos of my car" ~/Pictures/Mustang/*.jpg

  • You can even upload videos to Youtube!

google youtube post --category Entertainment

They have a package available for debian (ubuntu) and they have a tar.gz bundle as well.  So happy computing, check it out here.

But You Know, this might be nifty for uploading pictures to picasa, or scripting it to upload many things to docs, or youtube.  But you know the one thing you can't do with your google command line?

Search Google.

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