Friday, June 25

Live CD for Remote Incident Handling

This paper was written by Bert Hayes. Bert Hayes is a security professional at the University of Texas. When Bert originally wrote this paper, he submitted it to me for the SANS Gold process, and I helped push the paper in the right direction, however, while it was an excellent paper and well written, it didn't really meet the criteria we were looking for.

However, I thought "Wow, what a great idea, what a great paper. I am sure a lot of organizations will benefit from this."

Of course Bert nor I can be held liable for any damage you to do a computer while using this, (just to get that disclaimer out of the way), and it's recommended that if you are going to use the contents of the computer you are doing the investigation on for a prosecution, don't use this. (Changing the state of the data on the drive during a forensic investigation is generally frowned upon.)

But, as I said, this is a great paper and you should definitely download it and give it a read.



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