Friday, January 8

Verizon Wireless's Fail

Several months ago I ditched my AT&T 3G Card that I was using for mobile Internet and bought a Mifi from Verizon.

A) Verizon has better connectivity in New York (I was spending a lot of time in New York)

B) Verizon has better connectivity on trains than AT&T.  (Not faster, just a more persistant connection.)

Well, in order to manage your account, you have to sign-up for a website called, which, in order to complete the sign-up, asks to text message you your pin/password to verify your identity.  So, I laugh to myself, as the Mifi doesn't have a screen or any way to receive a text.  So, I get a hold of Verizon, and they tell me that their VZwireless software allows you to see the txt's send to the Mifi, okay, fine..

I fire up the software, no "txt".  It's not in the Mac Software, it's only on the Windows VZWireless software.  Hilariously irritating, so the alternative is, they mail you a pin number.  Physically mail you, using snail mail, a pin number.  What a waste of trees.  Anyway..  I arrive today at getting my pin number via the mailbox, I sit down, type in the temporary password (pin number) on my login page, and finally, I get to reset the password.

So, there's 3 blanks on this page, and a drop down.  First -- New password, second -- as you guessed it -- verify new password.

Now, here's where it gets good.  Drop down "Select the phrase to remind you of your password".   Your typical "Challenge/Response" thing right?

Here's the drop down:

Yup, seriously.  No questions for the "Secret Question" -- I mean, if the questions are secret...

Last drop down was the answer to the "Secret Question".

Okay, so, what have we learned here?  Verizon.  You are making life extremely painful to me.  FIX YOUR SIGNUP METHOD.

Oh, and your webpage.  You are DOING IT WRONG.


windexh8er said...

I have a MiFi as well and activated via my Mac. Didn't have any of the problems you mentioned as you can activate the MiFi right from VZAccess Manager. Think the problem was PEBCAK.

Joel Esler said...

Activating the device wasn't the problem, obviously, as I've been
using it for awhile. It was about setting up a myverizon account, as
mentioned in the post.

I wrote all of that in the post.

Joel Esler