Thursday, January 28

One thing I forgot to mention about the iPad

People are already criticizing it because it doesn't have Flash on it (it runs the iPhone OS). I say to those people, GOOD.

Flash is, as the last year has shown us, a horrible piece of programming and it needs to die. HTML5 will kill it off for the most part, and it needs to stay dead. I don't think that Flash will be around much longer, and frankly, I'm not sad about it.

In the next few years, now that the iPhone is as big as it is, iPad will be all over the place (I think), flash will be dead, and developers will be rewriting their webpages to use things like H.264 and HTML5. There will still be things like the "Punch the monkey" banner ads that need to use flash (and various other games), but those people that develop those games, welp, looks like it may be time to move on.

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