Saturday, January 23

This week was busy

This week, we at Sourcefire had our annual Sales Kickoff meeting. Basically a good look backwards at 2009, and what we did right and wrong, a look ahead and goals for 2010.

Obviously most of what we talked about is corporate confidential, but I think we all left with a good idea about where we are going this year. That we should be pumped up, because we are doing good things and will continue to do so.

Also this week I was placed on a list of people to call for radio stations about the Haiti relief scams, this has been quite an adventure as well.

I've done about 20 interviews, some live, some recorded, for all kinds of radio shows, morning, evening and day shows all around the United States.

All the interviews were about 5-10 minutes long, and I've been repeating myself a lot, but it's been fun. Hopefully that will wind down this week and things will get back to normal.

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